A Telling George Soros Moment

February 25, 2008

George Soros is a big fan of euthanasia and assisted suicide and wants to see it legalized everywhere. Toward this end, Soros has donated millions to groups promoting the cause–which I believe to be an ultimately abandoning policy that implicitly tells people with terminal illnesses and other serious conditions that their lives are not as valuable or worth protecting as those of other people.

The assertions made by Soros in this feature about his philanthropy around issued of death and dying, are, I think, quite telling about his ultimately disdainful perspective about people who are approaching the end of their lives:

Death has replaced sex as the taboo subject of our times,” said one of the world’s richest men and leading philanthropists, George Soros, when he launched the Project Death in America fund at Columbia University’s College of Physicians & Surgeons in 1994. It promotes euthanasia or assisted suicide, and has been succeeded by the Open Society Institute’s International Palliative Care Initiative . Soros’s mother committed suicide, as a member of the Hemlock Society. His father died a lingering death from cancer, and Soros was “disappointed” at the way the old man clung miserably to life.

Poor George. His mother had the good grace to get it over quickly so he wouldn’t have to face the months of pain and grief that come when those we love enter into their final days. But his father wanted to live until the actual end of his life, and for that he did not measure up in his son’s eyes. I wonder if Soros’s father sensed his son’s “disappointment,” and if so, how that didn’t drive him over the edge to wanting suicide?