Employment Opportunity – The Centre for Applied Ethics of the McGill University Health Centre

September 23, 2019

The Centre for Applied Ethics (CAE) of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), Montréal, Canada is currently looking for three (3) talented candidates with a keen interest in bioethics to join its ranks. By joining our growing team of hospital-based ethics professionals, you will help further the MUHC’s vision of providing exceptional and integrated patient-centred
care and conducting cutting-edge research that meets the highest ethical standards.

Established in 2014, the CAE provides clinical, organisational, and research ethics consultations and training to support all stakeholders make decisions and adopt practices that are in keeping with the hospital’s mission and values. In addition, members of the CAE play key roles on the institution’s Research Ethics Board – one of the busiest in the country!

This is a unique opportunity to join the CAE at a time where it is rapidly expanding its ethics offering, following the adoption by the institution of its first Ethics Framework – an initiative lauded by Accreditation Canada in 2019. The three successful candidates will be called upon to implement dynamically an innovative and integrated vision of applied ethics in a hospital-based setting.

With the three postings, we are seeking different but complimentary profiles:

  • Research ethicist: Entry-level position, focused on research ethics evaluations, compliance, training, and policy development
  • Clinical and research ethicist: Mid-level position, with an emphasis on clinical consultations, training, and research ethics evaluations
  • Research ethics professional: Position for an incumbent with a science background with a heavy emphasis on research ethics evaluations and the improvement of research ethics services (primarily clinical trials)

For all positions, knowledge of the Québec healthcare and health research environment is an asset. Incumbents must be functional in French and English.