A New Edition of Bioethics Is Now Available

December 17, 2019

Bioethics (vol. 33, no. 3, 2019) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “Political Legitimacy and Research Ethics” by Maxwell J. Smith and Daniel Weinstock
  • “Illegitimate Authorship and Flawed Procedures: Fundamental, Formal Criticisms of the Declaration of Helsinki” by Hans?Joerg Ehni and Urban Wiesing
  • “Social Value, Clinical Equipoise, and Research in a Public Health Emergency” by Alex John London
  • “Health?Related Research Ethics and Social Value: Antibiotic Resistance Intervention Research and Pragmatic Risks” by Christian Munthe, Niels Nijsingh, Karl de Fine Licht, and D.G. Joakim Larsson
  • “Addressing the Challenge for Expedient Ethical Review of Research in Disasters and Disease Outbreaks” by Derrick Aarons
  • “Genetic Research and Consent: On the Crossroads of Human and Data Research” by Kärt Pormeister
  • “Adjusting the Focus: A Public Health Ethics Approach to Data Research” by Angela Ballantyne
  • “How the CIOMS Guidelines Contribute to Fair Inclusion of Pregnant Women in Research” by Rieke van der Graaf, Indira S. E. van der Zande, and Johannes J. M. van Delden
  • “From Protectionism to Inclusion: A New Zealand Perspective on Health?Related Research Involving Adults Incapable of Giving Informed Consent” by Alison Douglass and Angela Ballantyne
  • “Circumcising Human Subjects: An Evaluation of Experimental Foreskin Amputation Using the Declaration of Helsinki” by Michael Drash
  • “Research Ethics Guidelines and Moral Obligations to Developing Countries: Capacity?Building and Benefits” by Cheryl C. Macpherson