New Issue of Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy is Now Available

April 14, 2009

Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy (Volume 12, Number 2, May 2009) is now available by subscription only.

Articles Include:

  • “Human nature, medicine & health care” by Bert Gordijn and Wim Dekkers, 119.
  • “Medical technologies and the life world: an introduction to the theme” by Fredrik Svenaeus, 121-123.
  • “Genomics and identity: the bioinformatisation of human life” by Hub Zwart, 125-136.
  • “Self and other in global bioethics: critical hermeneutics and the example of different death concepts” by Kristin Zeiler, 137-145.
  • “The silencing of Kierkegaard in Habermas’ critique of genetic enhancement” by Karin Christiansen, 147-156.
  • “The hermeneutic challenge of genetic engineering: Habermas and the transhumanists” by Andrew Edgar, 157-167.
  • “The ethics of self-change: becoming oneself by way of antidepressants or psychotherapy?” by Fredrik Svenaeus, 169-178.
  • “Living longer: age retardation and autonomy” by Elisabeth Hildt, 179-185.
  • “Preimplantation genetic diagnosis: does age of onset matter (anymore)?” by Timothy Krahn, 187-202.
  • “Should or should not forensic psychiatrists think about free will?” by Gerben Meynen, 203-212.
  • “Rationality and religion in the public debate on embryo stem cell research and prenatal diagnostics” by Bjørn K. Myskja, 213-224.

Recommended Reading