This Biotech Could One Day Make Human Eggs from Scratch. But First, They’re Trying to Rethink IVF

April 10, 2023

(STAT News) – Kramme spent most of his PhD figuring out how to make the human version of this ovary-in-a-dish, supported by New York City-based biotech Gameto. In February, his team revealed in a paper published in eLife how they transmuted the skin cells of a 66-year-old woman into granulosa cells that could secrete reproductive hormones and even form ovarian follicles. These mini-ovaries, or “ovarioids,” aren’t yet sufficiently like the real thing to produce the worlds’ first lab-grown human egg, a milestone that would open the door to an array of radical new reproductive possibilities. But Gameto licensed the technology for what it sees as a much more near-term (and slightly less sci-fi) application: boosting the odds of success for people seeking in vitro fertilization. (Read More)