Scientists Gave People Psychedelics–And Then Erased Their Memory

May 31, 2023

(Wired) – During the session, researchers asked what he was thinking and feeling, and he apparently had “a long conversation about those points, of which I have no recollection at all,” he said. It’s not that his trip wasn’t memorable. Dave’s memories were intentionally erased, enough that he recalls “probably not even 10 percent” of the trip. He was also injected with midazolam, a sedative that can be used to produce amnesia. His experience—part of a pilot study involving eight people from the University of Wisconsin–Madison Transdisciplinary Center for Research in Psychoactive Substances—proved that it’s possible to combine these two drugs to give someone a close-to-normal mushroom trip, and then use the midazolam to wipe their memory. (Read More)