Kidney Transplants Usually Last 10 to 15 Years. Hers Made It 50, But Now It’s Wearing Out.

September 6, 2023

(USA Today) – Sharon Stakofsky-Davis and Denice Lombard both carry 90-something-year-old kidneys in their 60-something-year-old bodies. They are outliers in more than just the obvious ways. Both women received kidneys from their respective fathers when they were young teenagers, after their own kidneys gave out. The late 1960s and early 1970s were still the early days of transplantation, when children were given a 50-50 shot of surviving more than a year after a transplant, and it wasn’t clear whether donating a kidney would endanger a donor’s life later on. (It doesn’t.)

More than a half-century later, both women are still around, as is Lombard’s father, at nearly 95. Stakofsky-Davis’ died many years ago unrelated to his donation. Now his kidney is essentially dying, too. (Read More)