A Fertility Clinic Failure Destroyed My Chance at Motherhood

November 7, 2023

image of an oocyte being fertilized with a needle

(STAT News) – Five years ago, a Pacific Fertility Center clinic in San Francisco suffered a massive storage tank failure that ended my dreams of ever becoming a mother. In all, 4,000 eggs and embryos from 400 people died that day in San Francisco. At almost the same moment, another fertility clinic in Cleveland suffered a similar tank failure. After those twin disasters, the fertility industry claimed to have cleaned up its act. The recent Kindbody investigation shows that those reassurances were false. According to Bloomberg, “The company said its average incident rate across all clinics is 0.2%, which it says is similar to other leading US programs as detailed in a 2018 study by Boston IVF. It added that ‘no Kindbody laboratory has had an incident, accident or other issue that is unusual to what occurs in IVF laboratories generally.’” If what happened at KindBody was not “unusual,” that is an indictment of the industry. (Read More)

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