A New Edition of European Journal of Human Genetics Is Now Available

November 20, 2023

European Journal of Human Genetics (vol. 31, no. 10, 2023) is available online by subscription only. 

Articles include:

  • “Evaluation and Pilot Testing of a multidisciplinary Model of Care to Mainstream Genomic Testing for Paediatric Inborn Errors of Immunity” by Tatiane Yanes, et al.
  • “Clinical Trio Genome Sequencing Facilitates the Interpretation of Variants in Cancer Predisposition Genes in paediatric Tumour Patients” by Christopher Schroeder, et al.
  • “Defining critical educational Components of Informed Consent for Genetic Testing: Views of US-based Genetic Counselors and Medical Geneticists” by Miranda L. G. Hallquist, et al.