An AI Doctor in a Box Coming to a Mall Near You

November 16, 2023

Friendly robot

(Forbes) – Adrian Aoun doesn’t believe in doctor’s offices — at all. For him, the future of healthcare is an AI-powered mall kiosk he’s dubbed the “CarePod.” Aoun, who cofounded San Francisco-based health tech startup Forward in 2016 and today announced a fresh $100 million in funding to bring 25 of these pods to malls across the country, compares his healthcare approach to what Elon Musk is building at Tesla. The goal, like Musk’s vision of self-driving cars, is to put medicine on autopilot. “Slowly but surely we’re just migrating every single thing from doctor and nurse to hardware and software,” Aoun said. “In fact, we don’t even believe a doctor’s office should exist.” (Read More)