A Hospital with Michelin-Starred Food Is Still a Hospital

November 17, 2023

A physician writing on a clipboard

(The Atlantic) – So much of being seriously ill has been rebranded in American health care as a kind of adventure. Experts speak of stroke journeys. Hospital systems invite people on kidney-transplant journeys. The language has trickled down into advertising: Take a hair-loss journey or a weight-loss journey (newly popular thanks to Wegovy and similar drugs). The heart-failure journey even comes with a map.  

A map? But on these journeys, you don’t get to go anywhere—except maybe the hospital or doctor’s office, which is likely, too, to have bought into the travel concept. In the past two decades, American hospitals have gotten into the business of hotel-like hospitality (illness can be fun!) rather than confine themselves to the business of disease (what a downer). (Read More)