Doctors Can Now Edit the Genes Inside Your Body

March 11, 2024

3D rendering of a DNA molecule

(Wall Street Journal) – It sounds like science fiction, but Odunsi is among dozens of people participating in studies on a controversial new forefront of the gene-editing revolution.

Regulators last year approved the world’s first medicine using Crispr, the Nobel Prize-winning tool for modifying genes. The medicine, for sickle-cell disease, a group of inherited blood disorders, involves extracting cells, editing them in a lab and putting them back in the patient’s body.  The experimental therapies Odunsi and others are receiving, by contrast, edit their cells inside their bodies. “In vivo” gene editing, as the approach is called, could transform medicine. Several of the therapies are for cardiovascular disease, and if proven safe and effective could reach millions of patients. (Read More)