‘A Chance to Live’: How 2 Families Faced a Catastrophic Birth Defect

March 28, 2024

Baby holding adult's hand

(New York Times) – Cases of trisomy 18 may rise as many states restrict abortion. But some women choose to have the babies, love them tenderly and care for them devotedly.

In Texas last year, Kate Cox, whose fetus had trisomy 18, left the state to end her much-wanted pregnancy just hours before the Texas Supreme Court issued a decision forbidding the abortion. Earlier this month, she watched President Biden’s State of the Union address in Jill Biden’s viewing box.

But in a survey of parents who had children with trisomy 18, nearly all described their children as happy and said they had enriched their families’ lives however long they lived. This is the story of two families who chose to have babies with trisomy 18, but took very different paths in how they cared for them. (Read More)