Neurotechnology for High-Consequence Communication and Decision-Making

March 20, 2019

June 5, 2019 @ 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
Commerce Court West, 5th Floor
30 Wellington Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5L 1L5

Neurotechnology is advancing at an astonishing pace which will bring massive benefits to people disadvantaged by disease, disability or injury. But where we rely on neurotechnology to enable communication, the stakes are high.

Experts from industry, academia and legal professions will come together to discuss the social and ethical implications of neurotechnology relating to health, crime, and civil and disability rights.

This 1-day conference is being organized by the International Neuroethics Society and Cognixion, and will be held June 5, 2019 in Toronto, Canada, from 8:30am–5:30pm (EDT), followed by a reception. Speakers to be announced.

The program will be of particular interest to:

  • Neurotechnology industry professionals
  • Neuroscientists and neurologists
  • Psychologists and psychiatrists
  • Lawyers and lawmakers
  • Civil and disability rights professionals
  • Ethicists and philosophers

Sessions will explore the implications of neurotechnology in issues such as:

  • Law
  • Life planning
  • Disclosure of abuse
  • Consent
  • Medical assistance in dying


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