July 2, 2020

An Experiment in End-of-Life Care: Tapping AI’s Cold Calculus to Nudge the Most Human of Conversations

(STAT News) – Hospitals and clinics are running into thorny challenges and making weighty judgment calls as they try to weave an algorithm with such momentous implications into the fabric of a clinical team’s already complex and frenetic workflow, a … Read More

June 17, 2020

Racial Bias Skews Algorithms Widely Used to Guide Care from Heart Surgery to Birth, Study Finds

(STAT News) – Decision aids that U.S. physicians use to guide patient care on everything from who receives heart surgery to who needs kidney care and who should try to give birth vaginally are racially biased, scientists reported on Wednesday … Read More

June 11, 2020

Big Tech Companies Back Away from Selling Facial Recognition to Police. That’s Progress.

(Vox) – Microsoft President Brad Smith announced on Thursday that his company did not sell facial recognition to the police, and would not until the government passes federal legislation regulating the technology. His statement follows a Wednesday announcement from Amazon … Read More