February 22, 2021

As All of Us Moves to Diversify Medicine, Its Tech Partners Push to Democratize Research

(STAT News) – Over the last four years, Lunt has worked with partners at the Broad Institute, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and Alphabet’s life science company Verily to build Researcher Workbench, a cloud-based analytics platform opened up to approved researchers … Read More

February 12, 2021

COVID-19 Has Made Americans Lonelier Than Ever–Here’s How AI Can Help

(The Conversation) – The pandemic has contributed to chronic loneliness. Digital tools like video chat and social media help connect people who live or quarantine far apart. But when those friends or family members are not readily available, artificial intelligence … Read More

February 9, 2021

How Can We Keep Algorithmic Racism Out of Canadian Health Care’s AI Toolkit?

(The Globe and Mail) – In health care, the promise of artificial intelligence is alluring: With the help of big data sets and algorithms, AI can aid difficult decisions, like triaging patients and determining diagnoses. And since AI leans on … Read More