May 13, 2024

First Person to Receive a Genetically Modified Pig Kidney Transplant Dies Nearly 2 Months Later

(Associated Press) – The first recipient of a genetically modified pig kidney transplant has died nearly two months after he underwent the procedure, his family and the hospital that performed the surgery said Saturday. Richard “Rick” Slayman had the transplant … Read More

May 8, 2024

Google DeepMind Unveils Next Generation of Drug Discovery AI Model

(Reuters via Yahoo!) – Google Deepmind has unveiled the third major version of its “AlphaFold” artificial intelligence model, designed to help scientists design drugs and target disease more effectively. In 2020, the company made a significant advance in molecular biology … Read More

April 30, 2024

China Has a Controversial Plan for Brain-Computer Interfaces

(Wired) – China’s brain-computer interface technology is catching up to the US. But it envisions a very different use case: cognitive enhancement. At a tech forum in Beijing last week, a Chinese company unveiled a “homegrown” brain-computer interface that allowed … Read More

April 15, 2024

In a Future with More ‘Mind Reading,’ Thanks to Neurotech, We May Need to Rethink Freedom of Thought

(The Conversation) – A cornerstone of neurorights is the idea that all people have a fundamental right to determine what state their brain is in and who is allowed to access that information, the way that people ordinarily have a … Read More