March 24, 2020

A New Edition of Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics Is Now Available

Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics (vol. 29, no. 1, 2020) is available online by subscription only. Articles include: “In Memoriam. Dan Callahan: Writing a Life in Bioethics” by Joseph J. Fins “Xenia: Refugees, Displaced Persons and Reciprocity” by John Harris … Read More

March 24, 2020

New Articles from BMC Medical Ethics Are Now Available

BMC Medical Ethics has new articles  available online. Articles include: “Ethical Values Supporting the Disclosure of Incidental and Secondary Findings in Clinical Genomic Testing: A Qualitative Study” by Marlies Saelaert et al. “Addressing Harm in Moral Case Deliberation: The Views … Read More

March 6, 2020

‘Infodemic’: When Unreliable Information Spreads Far and Wide

(WSJ) – The World Health Organization has avoided labeling the spread of the new coronavirus a “pandemic” and it remains an “epidemic’’ at least for now. In a media briefing on Feb. 24, WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus explained that … Read More