September 3, 2019

‘I Propose We Grow Up a Little Bit’: Biohackers Grapple with When to Reject Mainstream Science–And When to Embrace It

(STAT News) – To be sure, the Biohack the Planet conference featured plenty of the brash talk and rage-against-the-machine attitude that has characterized a community built around bucking the conventions of mainstream science. But for the first time, the gathering … Read More

August 29, 2019

In a First, Cerebral Organoids Produce Complex Brain Waves Similar to Newborns’, Reviving Ethical Concerns

(STAT News) – The Lilliputian versions of human brains that scientists have grown in lab dishes have developed distinct structures such as the hippocampus, grown glia and other cells like those in actual brains, and produced a diverse menagerie of … Read More

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