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Future Health and New Technologies: Opportunities and Responsibilities Conference @ Keble College, University of Oxford
Jul 21 – Jul 23 all-day

The HELEX Centre 2020 conference will bring together scholars interested in exploring the ethical, legal and social implications of technological innovation in biomedical research and healthcare across the world.  Within an interactive conference programme, we will consider the future of healthcare delivery and the responsibilities for different actors within this context, addressing questions such as:

  • What are the challenges for socially responsible research and innovation raised by new technologies and how might these be resolved?
  • To what extent are current frameworks for accountability being challenged by institutional and organisational changes?
  • What new roles are emerging for clinicians, researchers, companies and regulators?
  • When are we considered ‘patients’, ‘consumers’ or ‘research participants’ in this new context?
  • How do systems of governance affect the success or failure of new technologies?
  • Will new technologies enable us to have a just and inclusive healthcare system, or will they lead to further inequalities?