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Foreign Influences on Research Integrity @ Harvard Medical School, Countway Library, Minot Room
Sep 20 @ 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm

There are growing concerns about harmful foreign influences on the integrity of the United States’ scientific research enterprise. These concerns include violations of the peer review process, failure of academic researchers to disclose financial ties to foreign institutions, and theft of intellectual property.

This month’s Research Ethics Consortium will explore the ethical implications of these risks and harms to scientific integrity–and what they mean for the future of international collaboration and safeguarding the interests of human subjects research.


Ethical Frontiers in Biotechnology: Hyper-Personalized Medicine @ Tosteson Medical Education Center, Room 227
Oct 3 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Over 22 million patients in the U.S. live with rare genetic diseases for which there are no FDA-approved treatments. Over 3.5 million of these patients are children who will die before the age of five. While genome sequencing can help diagnose these patients, it is far too long and costly to develop treatments for their orphan diseases through usual forms of scientific and pharmaceutical investment.

Using a case study from Boston Children’s Hospital, Drs. Timothy Yu and Insoo Hyun discuss the scientific and ethical challenges facing single-patient (N=1) trials, as well as the opportunities presented by this entrée into what may be termed “hyper-personalized medicine.”


3rd International Conference in Bioethics in the New Age of Science @ University of Belgrade, Serbia
Oct 10 – Oct 11 all-day

BNAS 2019 explores the ethical and legal problems in bioethics in the context of the new challenges generated by the scientific discoveries of the 21st century. The aim of the conference is to facilitate the multidisciplinary approach of bioethical issues by uniting specialists from bioethics and its connected fields through the four main subjects of the conference: bioethics and medical ethics; ethical aspects in biomedical technology and research; bioethical education; bioethical committees.


14th World Conference on Bioethics, Medical Ethics & Health Law @ Porto Palacio Hotel, Porto, Portugal
May 11 – May 14 all-day

The UNESCO Chair in Bioethics welcomes all of you to the 14th World Conference.

The World Conference offers its participants an international platform for fruitful scientific discourse on more than 60 topics and subtopics in the fields of bioethics, medical ethics and health law.

Target Groups: Members of Ethics Committees, Physicians, Lawyers, Judges, Forensic doctors, Nurses, Teachers and Educators in Medical Schools, Nursing Schools, Law Schools, Schools of Social Work, Faculties of Philosophy and Ethics, Professional Organizations, Governmental & Public Bodies.

Main Aspects

  • Bioethics, Medical Ethics, Health Law
  • Ethics Committees
  • Biomedical Research and Experimentation
  • Forensic Medicine, Law and Ethics
  • Bioethics Education


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