October 21, 2019

Russian ‘CRISPR-Baby’ Scientist Has Started Editing Genes in Human Eggs with Goal of Altering Deaf Gene

(Nature) – Russian biologist Denis Rebrikov has started gene editing in eggs donated by women who can hear to learn how to allow some deaf couples to give birth to children without a genetic mutation that impairs hearing. The news, … Read More

October 14, 2019

Federal Study Finds Nation’s Assisted Suicide Laws Rife with Dangers to People with Disabilities

(National Council on Disability) – Today, the National Council on Disability (NCD) released the findings of a federal examination of the country’s assisted suicide laws and their effect on people with disabilities, finding the laws’ safeguards are ineffective and oversight … Read More

September 19, 2019

A New Edition of European Journal of Public Health Is Now Available

European Journal of Public Health (vol. 29, no. 10, 2019) is available online by subscription only. Articles include: “Unexplained Variations in General Practitioners’ Perceptions and Practices Regarding Vaccination in France” by Fanny Collange et al. “Recommendations for Design and Analysis … Read More

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