May 16, 2024

Meta Faces Fresh Probe Over ‘Addictive’ Effect on Kids

(Wired) – The European Union has opened an investigation into Facebook and Instagram for the platforms’ potentially addictive effects on children, echoing two similar probes opened into TikTok earlier this year. Meta-owned platforms will be investigated for their addictive and … Read More

May 16, 2024

Neuralink’s First Patient: ‘It Blows My Mind So Much’

(Bloomberg) – For the first time, Noland Arbaugh explains how Elon Musk’s brain implant, which allows him to control a computer with his thoughts, has changed his life. Noland Arbaugh still doesn’t quite know what happened. He doesn’t know many … Read More

May 14, 2024

Digital Recreations of Dead People Need Urgent Regulation, AI Ethicists Say

(The Guardian) – Digital recreations of dead people are on the cusp of reality and urgently need regulation, AI ethicists have argued, warning “deadbots” could cause psychological harm to, and even “haunt”, their creators and users. Such services, which are … Read More

May 9, 2024

Neuralink’s First Brain-Chip Implant in a Human Appeared Flawless. There Was a Problem.

(Wall Street Journal) – Neuralink encountered a problem with the implant in its first human patient, Noland Arbaugh, that reduced the amount of data it could capture from his brain, according to a blog post the company published on Wednesday. … Read More

May 8, 2024

Google DeepMind Unveils Next Generation of Drug Discovery AI Model

(Reuters via Yahoo!) – Google Deepmind has unveiled the third major version of its “AlphaFold” artificial intelligence model, designed to help scientists design drugs and target disease more effectively. In 2020, the company made a significant advance in molecular biology … Read More

April 30, 2024

China Has a Controversial Plan for Brain-Computer Interfaces

(Wired) – China’s brain-computer interface technology is catching up to the US. But it envisions a very different use case: cognitive enhancement. At a tech forum in Beijing last week, a Chinese company unveiled a “homegrown” brain-computer interface that allowed … Read More

April 26, 2024

Are Robots the Solution to the Crisis in Older-Person Care?

(Nature) – Social robots that promise companionship and stimulation for older people and those with dementia are attracting investment, but some question their benefits. Robots are an increasingly popular form of therapy for older people with dementia. It’s been suggested … Read More

April 24, 2024

UnitedHealth Paid Ransom to Bad Actors, Says Patient Data Was Compromised in Change Healthcare Cyberattack

(CNBC) – UnitedHealth Group on Monday said it paid ransom to cyberthreat actors to try and protect patient data, following the February cyberattack on its subsidiary Change Healthcare. The company also confirmed that files containing personal information were compromised in … Read More