November 20, 2023

UnitedHealth Uses AI Model with 90% Error Rate to Deny Care, Lawsuit Alleges

(Ars Technica) – UnitedHealthcare, the largest health insurance company in the US, is allegedly using a deeply flawed AI algorithm to override doctors’ judgments and wrongfully deny critical health coverage to elderly patients. This has resulted in patients being kicked … Read More

November 14, 2023

UnitedHealth Pushed Employees to Follow an Algorithm to Cut Off Medicare Patients’ Rehab Care

(STAT News) – The nation’s largest health insurance company pressured its medical staff to cut off payments for seriously ill patients in lockstep with a computer algorithm’s calculations, denying rehabilitation care for older and disabled Americans as profits soared, a … Read More

October 27, 2023

Covid Shots May Slightly Increase Risk of Stroke in Older Adults, Particularly When Administered with Certain Flu Vaccines

(CNN) – Vaccines for Covid-19 and influenza may slightly increase the risk of strokes caused by blood clots in the brains of seniors, particularly when the two vaccines are given at the same time and when they are given to … Read More

September 6, 2023

Kidney Transplants Usually Last 10 to 15 Years. Hers Made It 50, But Now It’s Wearing Out.

(USA Today) – Sharon Stakofsky-Davis and Denice Lombard both carry 90-something-year-old kidneys in their 60-something-year-old bodies. They are outliers in more than just the obvious ways. Both women received kidneys from their respective fathers when they were young teenagers, after … Read More