February 21, 2024

Zimbabwe Starts an Emergency Polio Vaccination Drive After Detecting Cases Caused by a Rare Mutation

(Associated Press) – Zimbabwe began an emergency campaign to inoculate more than 4 million children against polio on Tuesday after health authorities detected three cases caused by the rare mutation of the weakened virus used in oral vaccines, including a … Read More

February 14, 2024

Hackers for China, Russia and Others Used OpenAI Systems, Report Says

(New York Times) – Hackers working for nation-states have used OpenAI’s systems in the creation of their cyberattacks, according to research released Wednesday by OpenAI and Microsoft. The companies believe their research, published on their websites, documents for the first … Read More

February 9, 2024

Ecuador’s High Court Decriminalizes Euthanasia, Following a Lawsuit by a Terminally Ill Patient

(ABC News) – Ecuador’s high court on Wednesday decriminalized euthanasia and ordered lawmakers and health officials to draft rules and regulations for the procedure. The decision of Ecuador’s Constitutional Court came in response to a lawsuit from a terminally ill … Read More

February 8, 2024

Why a Cheap, Effective Treatment for Diarrhea Is Underused

(Nature) – Every year, half a million children under five die of diarrhoea globally — but doctors and pharmacists often don’t prescribe a cheap lifesaving treatment for the condition. A large Indian study suggests that this happens because prescribers don’t … Read More

February 7, 2024

China-Backed Volt Typhoon Hackers Have Lurked Inside US Critical Infrastructure for ‘at Least Five Years’

(Tech Crunch) – China-backed hackers have maintained access to American critical infrastructure for “at least five years” with the long-term goal of launching “destructive” cyberattacks, a coalition of U.S. intelligence agencies warned on Wednesday. Volt Typhoon, a state-sponsored group of … Read More

January 29, 2024

A New Edition of European Journal of Human Genetics Is Now Available

European Journal of Human Genetics (vol. 32, no. 1, 2024) is available online by subscription only.  Articles include: “Advancing intercontinental Collaboration in Human Genetics: Success Story of the African and European Young Investigator Forum” by Mohamed Zahir Alimohamed, et al. … Read More