November 14, 2023

UnitedHealth Pushed Employees to Follow an Algorithm to Cut Off Medicare Patients’ Rehab Care

(STAT News) – The nation’s largest health insurance company pressured its medical staff to cut off payments for seriously ill patients in lockstep with a computer algorithm’s calculations, denying rehabilitation care for older and disabled Americans as profits soared, a … Read More

November 8, 2023

Amazon to Offer Lower-Cost Primary Care to Prime Members in Latest Healthcare Push

(Wall Street Journal) – Amazon is turning to Prime members to bolster its healthcare business, an industry where the company has sought to expand for years. The tech giant on Wednesday revealed plans to offer its millions of Amazon Prime … Read More

October 27, 2023

Inside the Psychiatric Hospital Where Foster Kids Are a “Gold Mine”

(Mother Jones) – In the days to follow, Edwards learned the facility’s peculiar vernacular. “Booty juice” was the intramuscular sedative that staffers gave to kids they thought were acting out. According to court documents, they would restrain children and pull … Read More

October 25, 2023

Cancer Disparities Persisted Even Among Clinical Trial Participants, Study Finds

(STAT News) – Participation in a clinical trial is often considered something of an equalizer in medicine. Researchers have pushed for better access to trials for historically disadvantaged populations, hoping that increasing diversity in trials will both advance medicine and … Read More

October 19, 2023

‘The Whole Health System Is Collapsing Around Us.’ Doctors Say Gaza Is on the Brink

(Wired) – Even before this week’s deadly hospital blast, Gaza’s health system was already on the brink of collapse. At least 3,700 Palestinians in Gaza have been declared dead since the beginning of the Israeli-Hamas war, and an estimated 12,000 … Read More

October 16, 2023

Driving 100 Miles in Labor; Giving Birth in the ER: Fears Rise as 3 Maternity Units Prepare to Close in Alabama

(NBC News) – By the end of the month, two Alabama hospitals will stop delivering babies. A third will follow suit a few weeks later. That will leave two counties — Shelby and Monroe — without any birthing hospitals, and … Read More