February 16, 2024

Several Companies Are Testing Brain Implants–Why Is There So Much Attention Swirling Around Neuralink? Two Professors Unpack the Ethical Issues

(The Conversation) – Putting a computer inside someone’s brain used to feel like the edge of science fiction. Today, it’s a reality. Academic and commercial groups are testing “brain-computer interface” devices to enable people with disabilities to function more independently. … Read More

February 15, 2024

From Bone Smashing to Chin Extensions: How ‘Looksmaxxing’ Is Reshaping Young Men’s Faces

(The Guardian) – Looksmaxxing has existed for at least a decade, but has exploded in recent months from obscure forums and Reddit pages into mainstream social media – and TikTok in particular. Impossibly chiselled jaws, pouty lips and cheekbones as … Read More

November 6, 2023

These AI Companies Want to Bring You Back from the Dead

(Gizmodo) – Fantasies of immortality and extended life preservation are likely as old as humanity itself, but new advances in robotics and advanced artificial intelligence models are inching those transhumanist tales closer to reality at a rapid pace. AI researchers … Read More