May 7, 2018

Before He Died, This Biohacker Was Planning a CRISPR Trail in Mexico

(MIT Technology Review) – The controversial biohacker Aaron Traywick, who was found dead in a sensory deprivation tank in Washington, DC, on April 29, appears to have been planning human tests of a CRISPR therapy for lung cancer, MIT Technology … Read More

April 4, 2018

MIT Severs Ties to Company Promoting Fatal Brain Uploading

(MIT Technology Review) – The MIT Media Lab will sever ties with a brain-embalming company that promoted euthanasia to people hoping for digital immortality through “brain uploads.” The startup, called Nectome, had raised more than $200,000 in deposits from people … Read More

March 29, 2018

Transhumanism: Advances in Technology Could Already Put Evolution into Hyperdrive–But Should They?

(The Conversation) – The central premise of transhumanism, then, is that biological evolution will eventually be overtaken by advances in genetic, wearable and implantable technologies that artificially expedite the evolutionary process. This was the kernel of More’s founding definition in … Read More