February 21, 2024

This RSV Shot Keeps Babies Out of the Hospital. But Parents Can’t Find It.

(Wall Street Journal) – Across the U.S., parents are spending weeks and even months searching—at times without success—for Beyfortus, a new monoclonal antibody that promises to reduce drastically infants’ chances of serious illness from RSV.  A bumpy rollout of the … Read More

February 21, 2024

Zimbabwe Starts an Emergency Polio Vaccination Drive After Detecting Cases Caused by a Rare Mutation

(Associated Press) – Zimbabwe began an emergency campaign to inoculate more than 4 million children against polio on Tuesday after health authorities detected three cases caused by the rare mutation of the weakened virus used in oral vaccines, including a … Read More

February 16, 2024

More Young People Are on Multiple Psychiatric Drugs, Study Finds

(New York Times) – Growing numbers of children and adolescents are being prescribed multiple psychiatric drugs to take simultaneously, according to a new study in the state of Maryland. The phenomenon is increasing despite warnings that psychotropic drug combinations in … Read More

February 12, 2024

Why Is There an ADHD Medication Shortage in 2024? What’s Making Generics of Vyvanse, Adderall and More So Scarce

(CBS News) – Supply from drugmakers for the stimulant medications most commonly prescribed for ADHD are still falling short of demand, the Food and Drug Administration says, and many Americans who rely on these treatments are wondering why the nationwide … Read More

February 8, 2024

Why a Cheap, Effective Treatment for Diarrhea Is Underused

(Nature) – Every year, half a million children under five die of diarrhoea globally — but doctors and pharmacists often don’t prescribe a cheap lifesaving treatment for the condition. A large Indian study suggests that this happens because prescribers don’t … Read More