June 28, 2019

Mini-Brains Grown from Stem Cells Don’t Think, But They Do Show ‘Complex’ Neural Activity, Research Say

(CNN) – Floating disembodied conscious brains that issue commands to luckless human minions may be a cliché of science fiction, but they are a far cry from the primitive, lab-grown “cerebral organoids” that real scientists study today. New research suggests … Read More

June 28, 2019

Embryo Experiments Take ‘Baby Steps’ Toward Growing Human Organs in Livestock

(Science) – The perpetual shortage of human organs for transplant has researchers turning to farm animals. Several biotech companies are genetically engineering pigs to make their organs more compatible with the human body. But some scientists are pursuing a different … Read More

June 28, 2019

Infecting Healthy People in Vaccine Research Can Be Ethical and Necessary

(The Conversation) – Medical experiments involving intentionally infecting people with bacteria, viruses, and parasites are surprisingly common. And they are becoming more common worldwide, particularly in developing countries. The ultimate aim of these “human challenge studies” is usually to test … Read More

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