September 16, 2020

To Find a Vaccine for COVID-19, Will We Have to Deliberately Infect People?

(National Geographic) – Josh Morrison isn’t a doctor or scientist, but as a well-intentioned activist he’s provoked a fierce debate over how to develop a coronavirus vaccine. To speed up testing, he wants to be deliberately infected with the coronavirus. … Read More

September 16, 2020

AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Trial in US on Hold Until at Least Midweek: Sources

(Medscape) – AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine trial remains on hold in the United States pending a U.S. investigation into a serious side effect in Britain even as other trials of the vaccine resume, sources familiar with the details told Reuters. AstraZeneca … Read More

September 15, 2020

Ethical or Exploitive–Should Prisoners Participate in COVID-19 Vaccine Trials?

(Science) – As 38 clinical trials seek tens of thousands of volunteers to receive doses of experimental vaccines, researchers are discussing how to find and recruit participants effectively and ethically. Some people who are especially vulnerable to COVID-19 have not … Read More

September 14, 2020

Scientists Relieved as Coronavirus Vaccine Trial Restarts–But Question Lack of Transparency

(Nature) – The UK trial of a leading coronavirus vaccine, which was abruptly halted last week because of safety concerns, restarted on Saturday, after the university conducting the trial said an independent committee found that it was safe to do … Read More

September 14, 2020

Vaccine Makers Keep Safety Details Quiet, Alarming Scientists

(New York Times) – It’s standard for drug companies to withhold details of clinical trials until after they are completed, tenaciously guarding their intellectual property and competitive edge. But these are extraordinary times, and now there is a growing outcry … Read More

September 14, 2020

China Has Quietly Vaccinated More than 100,000 People for Covid-19 Before Completing Safety Trials

(Vox) – Individuals received one of two Sinopharm vaccines in development in an emergency use program launched by the Chinese government in late July, which also authorized a third vaccine, CoronaVac, developed by the privately owned drugmaker Sinovac Biotech. Under … Read More