A New Edition of Journal of Medical Ethics Is Now Available

January 10, 2019

Journal of Medical Ethics (vol. 44, no. 9, 2018) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “Consenting to Invasive Contraceptives: An Ethical Analysis of Adolescent Decision-Making Authority for Long-Acting Reversible Contraception” by Rosemary Talbot Behmer Hansen and Kavita Shah Arora
  • “Device Representatives in Hospitals: Are Commercial Imperatives Driving Clinical Decision-Making?” by Quinn Grundy et al.
  • “Thinking Clearly about the FIRST Trial: Addressing Ethical Challenges in Cluster Randomised Trials of Policy Interventions Involving Health Providers” by Austin R Horn et al.
  • “Duty to Provide Care to Ebola Patients: The Perspectives of Guinean Lay People and Healthcare Providers” by Lonzozou Kpanake, Tamba Kallas Tonguino, Paul Clay Sorum, and Etienne Mullet
  • “Cerebral Organoids: Ethical Issues and Consciousness Assessment” by Andrea Lavazza and Marcello Massimini
  • “Ethical (and Epistemological) Issues Regarding Consciousness in Cerebral Organoids” by Joshua Shepherd
  • “Cerebral Organoids and Consciousness: How Far Are We Willing to Go?” by Andrea Lavazza and Marcello Massimini
  • “Examining the Use of ‘Natural’ in Breastfeeding Promotion: Ethical and Practical Concerns” by Jessica Martucci and Anne Barnhill
  • “Is There a Nocebo Response that Results from Disease Awareness Campaigns and Advertising in Australia, and Can This Effect Be Mitigated?” by Stuart Benson abd David Hunter
  • “Ethics of Routine: A Critical Analysis of the Concept of ‘Routinisation’ in Prenatal Screening” by Adriana Kater-Kuipers, Inez D de Beaufort, Robert-Jan H Galjaard, and Eline M Bunnik
  • “Healthcare Professionals’ Understanding of the Legislation Governing Research Involving Adults Lacking Mental Capacity in England and Wales: A National Survey” by Victoria Shepherd et al.
  • “What Makes Clinical Labour Different? The Case of Human Guinea Pigging” by Joanna Ró?y?ska


Recommended Reading