May 14, 2024

Digital Recreations of Dead People Need Urgent Regulation, AI Ethicists Say

(The Guardian) – Digital recreations of dead people are on the cusp of reality and urgently need regulation, AI ethicists have argued, warning “deadbots” could cause psychological harm to, and even “haunt”, their creators and users. Such services, which are … Read More

April 30, 2024

China Has a Controversial Plan for Brain-Computer Interfaces

(Wired) – China’s brain-computer interface technology is catching up to the US. But it envisions a very different use case: cognitive enhancement. At a tech forum in Beijing last week, a Chinese company unveiled a “homegrown” brain-computer interface that allowed … Read More

April 29, 2024

‘Eugenics on Steroids’: The Toxic and Contested Legacy of Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute

(The Guardian) – Founded in 2005 and lauded by Silicon Valley, the Nick Bostrom’s centre for studying existential risk warned about AI but also gave rise to cultish ideas such as effective altruism. Two weeks ago it was quietly announced … Read More

March 21, 2024

Telehealth Sites Promise Cure for ‘Male Menopause’ Despite FDA Ban on Off-Label Ads

(KFF Health News) – Online stores sprang up during the covid-19 pandemic’s telehealth boom touting testosterone as a cure-all for men’s age-related illnesses — despite FDA rules issued years ago restricting such “low testosterone” advertising. In ads on Google, Facebook, … Read More