A New Edition of The New Bioethics Is Now Available

January 18, 2019

The New Bioethics (vol. 24, no. 3, 2018) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “The Neurostructure of Morality and the Hubris of Memory Manipulation” by Peter A. DePergola II
  • “Head Transplantation: The Immune System, Phantom Sensations, and the
    Integrated Mind” by Jocelyn Downey
  • “Is Payment for Egg Donation an Undue Inducement?” by Agneta Sutton
  • “Ethical Issues in Intrauterine Myelomeningocele Surgery” by Agustín Silberberg, Josefina Robetto, and Magdalena Grillo
  • “‘Despite Circumstance’: The Principles of Medical Ethics and the Role
    of Hope” by Anna Westin