A New Edition of Bioethics Is Now Available

December 13, 2019

Bioethics (vol. 33, no. 1, 2019) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “Erosion of Informed Consent in U.S. Research” by Lois Shepherd and Ruth Macklin
  • “Our Flawed Approach to Undue Inducement in Medical Research” by Eric Lee
  • “Enriching the Concept of Vulnerability in Research Ethics: An Integrative and Functional Account” by Eric Racine, Dearbhail Bracken?Roche
  • “Ethics and HIV Prevention Research: An Analysis of the Early Tenofovir Prep Trial in Nigeria” by Kristin Peterson and Morenike O. Folayan
  • “Is Infertility a Disease and Does It Matter?” by Hane Htut Maung
  • “A Conception of Genetic Parenthood” by Thomas Douglas and Katrien Devolder
  • “In Vitro Gametogenesis: The End of Egg Donation?” by Sarah Carter?Walshaw
  • “In Vitro Gametogenesis and Reproductive Cloning: Can We Allow One While Banning the Other?” by Seppe Segers et al.
  • “Ectogenesis and the Case against the Right to the Death of the Foetus” by Bruce P. Blackshaw and Daniel Rodger
  • “Parents’ Posthumous Use of Daughter’s Ovarian Tissue: Ethical Dimensions” by Aliya O. Affdal and Vardit Ravitsky
  • “A Burden from Birth? Non?Invasive Prenatal Testing and the Stigmatization of People with Disabilities” by Giovanni Rubeis and Florian Steger
  • “Designing Humans: A Human Rights Approach” by S. Matthew Liao
  • “Should Human Germ Line Editing Be Allowed? Some Suggestions on the Basis of the Existing Regulatory Framework” by Iñigo de Miguel Beriain
  • “Compulsory Moral Bioenhancement Should Be Covert” by Parker Crutchfield
  • “Transcranial Electrical Stimulation for Human Enhancement and the Risk of Inequality: Prohibition or Compensation?” by Andrea Lavazza
  • “Self?Admission in Psychiatry: The Ethics” by Mattias Strand and Manne Sjöstrand
  • “On the Reconceptualization of Alzheimer’s Disease” by Maartje H. N. Schermer and Edo Richard
  • “No Conscientious Objection without Normative Justification: Against Conscientious Objection in Medicine” by Benjamin Zolf
  • “Conscientious Objection in Healthcare: How Much Discretionary Space Best Supports Good Medicine?” by Doug McConnell
  • “Mechanistic Reasoning and Informed Consent” by Ashley Kennedy andSarah Malanowski
  • “Informed Consent and Nudging” by William Simkulet
  • “The Epistemic and Ethical Onus of ‘One Health’” by Jonathan Beever and Nicolae Morar
  • “Suffering at the End of Life” by Jukka Varelius
  • “Accepting the Avoidable Death: The Philosophy of Limiting Intensive Care” by Marc Sørensen and Lars Willy Andersen
  • “Institutional Non-Participation in Assisted Dying: Changing the Conversation” by Philip Shadd and Joshua Shadd