A New Edition of Nursing Ethics Is Now Available

April 1, 2020

Nursing Ethics (vol. 27, no. 1, 2020) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “Normative Nursing Ethics: A Literature Review and Tentative Recommendations” by Eric Vogelstein and Alison Colbert
  • “The New Futility? The Rhetoric and Role of “Suffering” In Pediatric Decision-Making” by Erica K Salter
  • “Developing a Moral Compass: Themes from the Clinical Ethics Residency for Nurses’ Final Essays” by Susan Lee et al.
  • “Moral Distress in Correctional Nurses: A National Survey” by “Tiziano Lazzari et al.
  • “Patient’s Informational Privacy in Prehospital Emergency Care: Paramedics’ Perspective” by Eini Marianne Koskimies, Jaana Koskenniemi, and Helena Leino-Kilpi
  • “Phronesis of Nurses: A Response to Moral Distress” by Hsun-Kuei Ko, Hui-Chen Tseng, Chi-Chun Chin, and Min-Tao Hsu
  • “Knowledge Development, Technology and Questions of Nursing Ethics” by Anne Griswold Peirce et al.
  • “Ethical Issues Related to the Use of Gerontechnology in Older People Care: A Scoping Review” by Suvi Sundgren, Minna Stolt, and Riitta Suhonen
  • “Dignity at Stake: Caring for Persons with Impaired Autonomy” by Åsa Rejnö et al.
  • “Caregivers’ Perception of Women’s Dignity in the Delivery Room: A Qualitative Study” by Fateme Mohammadi, Hadise Sadate Tabatabaei, Farzaneh Mozafari, and Mark Gillespie
  • “Cancer Patients’ Perspectives on Dignity in Care” by Samaneh Bagherian et al.
  • “Patient Advocacy in Nursing: A Concept Analysis” by Mohammad Abbasinia, Fazlollah Ahmadi, and Anoshirvan Kazemnejad
  • “Nursing and Euthanasia: A Narrative Review of the Nursing Ethics Literature” by Barbara Pesut et al.
  • “Conscientious Object in Nursing: Regulations and Practice in Two European Countries” by Beata Dobrowolska, Ian Mcgonagle, Anna Pilewska-Kozak, and Ros Kane
  • “Individual Emergency-Preparedness Efforts: A Social Justice Perspective” by Charleen C Mcneill, Cristina Richie, and Danita Alfred
  • “Nurses’ Experiences of Compassion when Giving Palliative Care at Home” by Siri Andreassen Devik, Ingela Enmarker, and Ove Hellzen
  • “Everyday Ethical Challenges of Nurse-Physician Collaboration” by Motshedisi Sabone et al.
  • “Empathizing and Systemizing Profiles of Brazilian and Portuguese Nursing Undergraduates” by Mirella Castelhano Souza, et al.
  • “Caregivers Blinded by the Care: A Qualitative Study of Physical Restraint in Pediatric Care” by Bénédicte Lombart et al.
  • “Regulatory Justice Following Gross Negligence Manslaughter Verdicts: Nurse/Doctor Differences” by Nathan Hodson
  • “Nurses Experiences of Ethical Dilemmas: A Review” by Anita Haahr, Annelise Norlyk, Bente Martinsen, and Pia Dreyer
  • “Nurses’ Perception of Organizational Justice and Its Relationship to Their Workplace Deviance” by Ebtsam Aly Abou Hashish
  • “Attitudes towards Gossip and Patient Privacy among Paediatric Nurses” by Sibel Serap Ceylan and Bengü Çetinkaya
  • “The Association of Job Satisfaction and Burnout with Individualized Care Perceptions in Nurses” by Esra Danaci and Zeliha Koç
  • “Hopelessness in Palliative Care for People with Motor Neurone Disease: Conceptual Considerations” by Christopher Poppe
  • “Taking Courage: Neonatal Euthanasia and Ethical Leadership” by Kianna Owen