New Issue of Clinical Genetics is Now Available

January 29, 2009

Clinical Genetics (Volume 75, Issue 1, January 2009) is now available by subscription only.

Articles Include:

  • “Depression during pregnancy: the potential impact of increased risk for fetal aneuploidy on maternal mood” by C Hippman, TF Oberlander, WG Honer, S Misri, and JC Austin, 30-36.
  • “The impact of familial environment on depression scores after genetic testing for cancer susceptibility” by S Ashida, DW Hadley, BK Vaughn, NR Kuhn, JF Jenkins, and LM Koehly, 43-49.
  • “Radiotherapy for childhood cancer and risk for congenital malformations in offspring: a population-based cohort study” by JF Winther, JD Boice Jr, K Frederiksen, A Bautz, JJ Mulvihill, M Stovall, and JH Olsen, 50-56.
  • “Predictive testing for Huntington disease in a developing country ”  by MJ Futter, JM Heckmann, and LJ Greenberg, 92-97.