Event: Science and Technology in Society Conference

January 29, 2009

Science and Technology in Society Conference
March 28-29, 2009
Hosted by the ST Global Consortium in Washington, DC

The emerging fields of Science and Technology Policy (STP) and Science and Technology Studies (STS) have become prominent disciplines in recent years.

The increasing prevalence of technology issues – in governmental policies and the public eye – demands a workforce equipped with the tools and training necessary to negotiate these complex relationships. Though often from different perspectives, STS and STP deal with many of the same issues.

Traditionally, however, there has been little communication between the two. Thus, the main purpose of the Conference is to bridge that divide and provide a forum for networking, bringing together graduate students from historically fragmented communities to learn from one another. We hope the event will add value to students’ research and writing, and contribute important new ideas to the S&T challenges of the day.

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