A New Edition of Journal of Moral Theology Is Now Available

December 15, 2017

Journal of Moral Theology (vol. 6, special issue 2, 2017) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “On ‘And Vulnerable’: Catholic Social Thought and the Social Challenges of Cognitive Disability” by Matthew Gaudet
  • “The Goodness and Beauty of Out Fragile Flesh: Moral Theologians and Our Engagement with ‘Disability'” by Miguel J. Romero
  • “The Slow Journey towards Beatitude: Disability in L’Arche, and Staying Human in High-Speed Society” by Jason Reimer Greig
  • “Disability, the Healing of Infirmity, and the Theological Virtue of Hope: A Thomistic Approach” by Paul Gondeau
  • “Seventeenth-Century Casuistry Regarding Persons with Disabilties: Antonino Diana’s Tract On the Mute, Deaf, and Blind” by Julia A. Fleming
  • “From Universal Precautions to Universal Design: Disclosure of Concealable Disability in the Case of HIV” by Mary M. Doyle Roche
  • “Becoming Friends: Ethics in Friendship and Doing Theology” by Lorraine Cuddeback
  • “God Bends Over Backwards to Accommodate Humankind. . . While the Civil Rights Acts and the Americans with Disabilities Act Require [Only] Minimum Effort” by Mary Jo Iozzio


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