IVF: 18% of Cycles in Australia and New Zealand Result in Live Births

September 10, 2018

(The Guardian) – Just 18% of IVF cycles in Australia and New Zealand result in a live birth, a report led by fertility experts has found. Of the 81,062 initiated IVF cycles in 2016-17, 66,664 (82.2%) resulted in either a successful embryo transfer, or all oocytes/embryos being preserved at subzero temperatures for use in IVF, known as cryopreservation. But there are several steps to successfully get through in an IVF cycle before getting to the embryo transfer stage, including hormone treatments to stimulate the ovaries, egg retrieval and fertilisation. If an IVF cycle resulted in a successful embryo transfer, the chance of a live birth increased to 26.2%.

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