New Articles from BMC Medical Ethics Are Now Available

March 24, 2020

BMC Medical Ethics has new articles  available online.

Articles include:

  • “Ethical Values Supporting the Disclosure of Incidental and Secondary Findings in Clinical Genomic Testing: A Qualitative Study” by Marlies Saelaert et al.
  • “Addressing Harm in Moral Case Deliberation: The Views and Experiences of Facilitators” by Benita Spronk, Guy Widdershoven, and Hans Alma
  • “Legal and Ethical Framework for Global Health Information and Biospecimen Exchange – An International Perspective” by Lara Bernasconi et al.
  • “Do Patients and Research Subjects Have a Right to Receive Their Genomic Raw Data? An Ethical and Legal Analysis” by Christoph Schickhardt, Henrike Fleischer, and Eva C. Winkler
  • “Important Situations that Capture Moral Distress in Paediatric Oncology” by Margareta Af Sandeberg, Cecilia Bartholdson, and Pernilla Pergert
  • “Refusals to Perform Ritual Circumcision: A Qualitative Study of Doctors’ Professional and Ethical Reasoning” by Liv Astrid Litleskare, Mette Tolås Strander, Reidun Førde, and Morten Magelssen
  • “Researcher and Study Participants’ Perspectives of Consent in Clinical Studies in Four Referral Hospitals in Vietnam” by Jennifer Ilo Van Nuil et al.
  • “Digital Pills: A Scoping Review of the Empirical Literature and Analysis of the Ethical Aspects” by Andrea Martani et al.
  • “What Is It Like To Use A BCI? – Insights from an Interview Study with Brain-Computer Interface Users” by Johannes Kögel, Ralf J. Jox, and Orsolya Friedrich
  • “Informed Consent Procedure in a Double Blind Randomized Anthelminthic Trial on Pemba Island, Tanzania: Do Pamphlet and Information Session Increase Caregivers Knowledge?” by Marta S. Palmeirim et al.