A New Edition of Clinical Ethics Is Now Available

April 6, 2021

Clinical Ethics (vol. 15, no. 2, 2020) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “Surrogate Decision Making for Unrepresented Patients: Proposing a Harm Reduction Interpretation of the Best Interest Standard” by Phoebe Friesen and Nada Gligorov
  • “Counting the Cost of Denying Assisted Dying” by David Shaw and Alec Morton
  • “After Abortion’s Arrival in Northern Ireland: Conscientious Objection and other Concerns” by Nathan Emmerich
  • “Facilitators, Barriers, and Recommendations Related to the Informed Consent of Marshallese in a Randomized Control Trial” by Rachel S Purvis, et al.
  • “‘If He Dies with the Papers of his Brother, His Brother will be Considered Dead’. Moral Understandings of Health Professionals about the Use of Deception to Overcome Restrictions in Access to Healthcare” by Dirk Lafaut
  • “We were in one Place, and the Ethics Committee in Another: Experiences of going through the Research Ethics Application Process” by Rob Brindley, Lizette Nolte and Pieter W Nel
  • “A Randomized, Controlled, Equivalence Study of Authorized Versus Non-Authorized Deception in a Model of Pain following Third Molar Extraction” by Nithya Gogtay, et al.