A New Edition of The New England Journal of Medicine Is Now Available

April 27, 2021

The New England Journal of Medicine (vol. 383, no. 22, 2020) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “Delaying Pregnancy during a Public Health Crisis — Examining Public Health Recommendations for Covid-19 and Beyond” by S.A. Rasmussen, A.D. Lyerly and D.J. Jamieson
  • “Banning Genetic Discrimination in Life Insurance — Time to Follow Florida’s Lead” by M.A. Rothstein and K.B. Brothers
  • “Reparations as a Public Health Priority — A Strategy for Ending Black–White Health Disparities” by M.T. Bassett and S. Galea
  • “‘You Are Now Entering a Guilt-free Zone'” by D.R. Taylor
  • “Rethinking Covid-19 Test Sensitivity — A Strategy for Containment” by M.J. Mina, R. Parker and D.B. Larremore
  • “Trustworthiness before Trust — Covid-19 Vaccine Trials and the Black Community” by R.C. Warren, et al.
  • “Once-Weekly Insulin for Type 2 Diabetes without Previous Insulin Treatment” by J. Rosenstock, et al.
  • “Rivaroxaban in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation and a Bioprosthetic Mitral Valve” by H.P. Guimarães, et al.
  • “Phase 2 Trial of the DPP-1 Inhibitor Brensocatib in Bronchiectasis” by J.D. Chalmers, et al.
  • “A Randomized Trial of Laryngeal Mask Airway in Neonatal Resuscitation” by N.J. Pejovic, et al.
  • “Women Physicians and Promotion in Academic Medicine” by K.P. Richter, et al.