‘It’s a Minefiled’: COVID Vaccine Safety Poses Unique Communication Challenge

May 21, 2021

(Nature) – Public confidence in the safety of COVID-19 vaccines dipped in the United States after government officials paused vaccinations with the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) shot last month, according to a poll. During the ten-day hiatus, officials explored whether the vaccine was linked to a rare type of blood clot, but they ultimately deemed the jab safe and gave the green light to resume its use. After the pause began, 7% of unvaccinated adults who were surveyed said that the news about blood clots made them less likely to want any COVID-19 shot, according to data published by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF). The incident demonstrates the knife-edge that public-health authorities have been walking since COVID-19 vaccines became available late last year. (Read Full Article)