April 29, 2024

‘Eugenics on Steroids’: The Toxic and Contested Legacy of Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute

(The Guardian) – Founded in 2005 and lauded by Silicon Valley, the Nick Bostrom’s centre for studying existential risk warned about AI but also gave rise to cultish ideas such as effective altruism. Two weeks ago it was quietly announced … Read More

November 1, 2023

Facing Population Decline, China’s Xi Promotes ‘Childbirth Culture’ for Women

(TIME) – President Xi Jinping underscored his concerns — and more conservative social views — about China’s shrinking population in a speech calling on a key women’s organization to help bolster the nation’s birthrate by promoting a “culture” of childbirth. … Read More

October 30, 2023

From a Fledgling Genetic Science, a Murky Market for Prediction

(Undark) – The companies commercializing these techniques have largely escaped regulatory scrutiny, despite doubts about the health benefits their analyses can provide and worries about the risks they could pose to customers, health care systems, and society at large. The … Read More

October 27, 2023

Adam Zivo: So Now We’re Going to Euthanize Drug Addicts?

(National Post) – The federal government seems poised to legalize medically assisted suicide for drug users next spring — a move that addiction physicians and harm-reduction advocates are condemning as “eugenics.” Their anger is entirely reasonable, as it is appalling … Read More

July 12, 2023

Canada’s Indigenous Women Forcibly Sterilized Decades After Other Rich Countries Stopped

(ABC News) – Decades after many other rich countries stopped forcibly sterilizing Indigenous women, numerous activists, doctors, politicians and at least five class-action lawsuits say the practice has not ended in Canada. A Senate report last year concluded “this horrific … Read More