A New Edition of Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics Is Now Available

July 19, 2018

Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics (vol. 27, no. 3, 2018) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “Regulations on Genome Editing of Human Embryos in Japan: Our Moral Moratorium” by Eisuke Nakazawa, Keiichiro Yamamoto, Aru Akabayashi, and Akira Akabayashi
  • “A Life Fulfilled: Should There Be Assisted Suicide for Those Who Are Done with Living?” by Martin Buijsen
  • “Quality of Living and Dying: Pediatric Palliative Care and End-of-Life Decisions in the Netherlands” by Marije Brouwer, Els Maeckelberghe, Willemien De Weerd, and Eduard Verhagen
  • “Macao Report: Informed Consent in a Multilingual and Multicultural Region, a Bioethical Challenge” by Vera Lúcia Raposo
  • “Patient Engagement at the Household Level: A Feasible Way to Improve the Chinese Healthcare Delivery System Toward People-Centred Integrated Care” by Ziyu Liu
  • “The Understanding of Death in Terminally Ill Cancer Patients in China: An Initial Study” by Hai Shan Huang, Tie Ying Zeng, Jing Mao, and Xiao Hong Liu
  • “Access to Healthcare: A Central Question within Brazilian Bioethics” by Volnei Garrafa, Thiago Rocha Da Cunha, amd Camilo Manchola
  • “Damaging the Future: The Health Rights of Children and the Issue of Short-Termism; Issues Facing Australian Bioethicists” by Sally Dalton-Brown
  • “Ethical Reflections on the Equity of the Current Basic Health Insurance System Reform in China: A Case Study in Hunan Province” by Junxiang Liu, Jingzi Xu, Tianyu Zhang, and Yonghui Ma
  • “Determination of Death in Execution by Lethal Injection in China” by Norbert W. Paul et al.
  • “Moral Enhancement in Russia: Lessons from the Past” by Pavel Tischenko
  • “Ethics Education in New Zealand Medical Schools” by John Mcmillan, Phillipa Malpas, Simon Walker, and Monique Jonas
  • “A Closer Look at the Junior Doctor Crisis in the United Kingdom’s National Health Services: Is Emigration Justifiable?” by Wendy Zi Wei Teo