A New Edition of Neuroethics Is Now Available

December 13, 2019

Neuroethics (vol. 12, no. 1, 2019) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “The Tragedy of Biomedical Moral Enhancement” by Stefan Schlag
  • “Saving the World through Sacrificing Liberties? A Critique of some Normative Arguments in Unfit for the Future” by Jan Christoph Bublitz
  • “Why Internal Moral Enhancement Might Be Politically Better than External Moral Enhancement” by John Danaher
  • “Pow(d)er to the People? Voter Manipulation, Legitimacy, and the Relevance of Moral Psychology for Democratic Theory” by Norbert Paulo and Christoph Bublitz
  • “Procedural Moral Enhancement” by G. Owen Schaefer and Julian Savulescu
  • “Can Medical Interventions Serve as ‘Criminal Rehabilitation’?” by Gulzaar Barn
  • “The Right to Bodily Integrity and the Rehabilitation of Offenders Through Medical Interventions: A Reply to Thomas Douglas” by Elizabeth Shaw
  • “Nonconsensual Neurocorrectives and Bodily Integrity: a Reply to Shaw and Barn” by Thomas Douglas