A New Edition of Journal of Medical Ethics Is Now Available

March 19, 2020

Journal of Medical Ethics (vol. 45, no. 8, 2019) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “Why It Is Unethical to Charge Migrant Women for Pregnancy Care in the National Health Service” by Arianne Shahvisi and Fionnuala Finnerty
  • “‘Inglan Is a Bitch’: Hostile NHS Charging Regulations Contravene the Ethical Principles of the Medical Profession” by Josephine Mary Katharine Reynolds and Caroline Mitchell
  • “Familial Genetic Risks: How Can We Better Navigate Patient Confidentiality and Appropriate Risk Disclosure to Relatives?” by Edward S Dove et al.
  • “The ‘Serious’ Factor in Germline Modification” by Erika Kleiderman, Vardit Ravitsky, and Bartha Maria Knoppers
  • “Moral Reasons to Edit the Human Genome: Picking up from the Nuffield Report” by Christopher Gyngell, Hilary Bowman-Smart, and Julian Savulescu
  • “Practical Allocation System for the Distribution of Specialised Care during Cellular Therapy Access Scarcity” by Andrew Hantel, Gregory A Abel, and Mark Siegler
  • “Medical Crowdfunding in China: Empirics and Ethics” by Pingyue Jin
  • “The Significance of ‘Severity’” by Daniel Hausman
  • “Ethical Position of Medical Practitioners Who Refuse to Treat Unvaccinated Children” by Melanie Forster