A New Edition of Journal of Medical Ethics Is Now Available

February 2, 2021

Journal of Medical Ethics (vol. 46, no. 1, 2020) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • Reconsidering Fetal Pain” by Stuart WG Derbyshire and John C Bockmann
  • “Worth Living or Worth Dying? The Views of the General Public About Allowing Disabled Children to Die” by Claudia Brick et al. 
  • “Deciding When a Life is Not Worth Living: An Imperative to Measure What Matters” by Monica E Lemmon
  • “Public Views About Quality of Life and Treatment Withdrawal in Infants: Limitations and Directions for Future Research” by Ryan H Nelson
  • “Relationships Help Make Life Worth Living” by Aaron Wightman et al.
  • “The Relational Threshold: A Life That is Valued, Or a Life of Value?
    Dominic Wilkinson et al. 
  • “Revising Ethical Guidance for the Evaluation of Programmes and Interventions Not Initiated by Researchers” by Samuel I Watson et al.
  • “Ottawa Statement Does Not Impede Randomised Evaluation of Government Health Programmes” by Charles Weijer and Monica Taljaard
  • “Randomised Evaluation of Government Health Programmes Does Present a Challenge to Standard Research Ethics Frameworks” by Samuel I Watson, Mary Dixon-Woods, and Richard J Lilford
  • “Training Clinical Ethics Committee Members Between 1992 and 2017: Systematic Scoping Review” by Yun Ting Ong et al.