A New Edition of Nursing Ethics Is Now Available

February 15, 2021

Nursing Ethics (vol. 27, no. 2, 2020) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “The Advocacy Role of Nurses in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation” by Verónica Tíscar-González, et al.
  • “Characterization of Nurses’ Duty to Care and Willingness to report” by Charleen McNeill, et al.
  • “Advance Care Planning with Chronically Ill Patients: A Relational Autonomy Approach” by Tieghan Killackey, et al.
  • “Psychometric Properties of Jacelon’s Attributed Dignity Scale with Iranian Older People” by Shamsedin Namjoo, et al.
  • “Male Nursing Students’ Perception of Dignity in Neonatal Intensive Care Units” by Fateme Mohammadi, Khodayar Oshvandi, and Hazel Kyle Med
  • “Field-Testing the Euro-MCD Instrument: Experienced Outcomes of Moral Case Deliberation” by Janine C de Snoo-Trimp, et al.
  • “Barriers to Ethical Decision-Making for Pre-Hospital Care Professionals” by Mohammad Torabi, et al.
  • “Processes Toward the End of Life and Dialysis Withdrawal Physicians’ and Nurses’ Perspectives” by Lena Axelsson, et al.
  • “An Exploratory Study of Dignity in Dementia Care” by Ya Chi Huang, et al.
  • “Ethical Sensitivity and Perceptiveness in Palliative Home Care Through Co-Creation” by Jessica Hemberg and Elisabeth Bergdahl
  • “Factors Affecting Professional Ethics Development in Students: A Qualitative Study” by Ali Dehghani
  • “Exploring the Development of Professional Values in an Online RN-to-BSN Program” by Linda D’Appolonia Knecht, et al.
  • “Defining Compassionate Nursing Care” by Jing Jing Su, et al.
  • “Empathy, Compassion Fatigue, Guilt and Secondary Traumatic Stress in Nurses” by Shekoofeh Mottaghi, Hanieh Poursheikhali, and Leila Shameli
  • “Healthcare Staff’s Experiences of Implementing One to One Contact in Nursing Homes” by Ann Karin Helgesen, Liv Berit Fagerli, and Vigdis Abrahamsen Grøndahl
  • “Factors Related to Privacy of Somali Refugees in Health Care” by Niina Eklöf, Maija Hupli, and Helena Leino-Kilpi
  • “Ethical Challenges of Obtaining Informed Consent from Surgical Patients” by Sanaz Moeini, Mohsen Shahriari, and Mahdi Shamali
  • “Ethical Conflicts and their Characteristics Among Critical Care Nurses” by Teresa Lluch-Canut, et al.
  • “Behaviours of Healthcare Professionals Towards Difficult Patients: A Structural Equation Modelling Study” by Kamuran Cerit, Tu?ba Karata?, and Dilek Ekici
  • “Decision-Making in an Emergency Department: A Nursing Accountability Model” by Alfonso Rubio-Navarro, et al.
  • “Ethical Dilemmas Experienced by Spouses of a Partner with Brain Tumour” by Sara R Francis, Elisabeth OC Hall, and Charlotte Delmar
  • “Factors Behind Ethical Dilemmas Regarding Physical Restraint for Critical Care Nurses” by Zahra Salehi, et al.
  • “Ethical Leadership, Nursing Error and Error Reporting from the Nurses’ Perspective” Maasoumeh Barkhordari-Sharifabad and Narges-Sadat Mirjalili
  • “Caring for Older People with Dementia Reliving Past Trauma” by Åsa Gransjön Craftman, et al.