Gynecologist Exiled from China Says 80 Sterilizations Per Day Forced on Uyghurs

April 14, 2021

(Newsweek) – In a recent interview, an exiled doctor from the Uyghur ethnic minority provided a vivid account of forced sterilizations carried out in Xinjiang, China. “On some days there were about 80 surgeries to carry out forced sterilizations,” Gülgine, 47, said in an interview with The Sankei Shimbun, according to Japan Forward. Gülgine was a gynecologist in China’s autonomous Xinjiang region, which is largely popular by the Uyghur Muslim minority. The doctor, who left China for Istanbul in 2011, admitted her own role in the sterilization procedures at a hospital in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang.