A New Edition of Bioethics Is Now Available

May 11, 2021

Bioethics (vol. 34, no. 4, 2020) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “Formula Feeding can help Illuminate Long?Term Consequences of Full Ectogenesis” by Zeljka Buturovic
  • “Equitable Access to Ectogenesis for Sexual and Gender Minorities” by Laura L. Kimberly, Megan E. Sutter and Gwendolyn P. Quinn
  • “The ‘Tyranny of Reproduction’: Could Ectogenesis Further Women’s Liberation?” by Kathryn MacKay
  • “Neonatal Incubator or Artificial Womb? Distinguishing Ectogestation and Ectogenesis Using the Metaphysics of Pregnancy” by Elselijn Kingma and Suki Finn
  • “The Ethics of Ectogenesis?Aided Foetal Treatment” by Seppe Segers Guido Pennings Heidi Mertes
  • “Ectogestation Ethics: The Implications of Artificially Extending Gestation for Viability, Newborn Resuscitation and Abortion” by Lydia Di Stefano, et al.
  • “Procreation Machines: Ectogenesis as Reproductive Enhancement, proper Medicine or a Step towards Posthumanism?” by Johanna Eichinger and Tobias Eichinger
  • “Artificial Womb Technology and Clinical Translation: Innovative Treatment or Medical Research?” by Elizabeth Chloe Romanis
  • “Rethinking Patient Involvement in Healthcare Priority Setting” by Lars Sandman, Bjorn Hofmann and Greg Bognar
  • “Slipping on Slippery Slope Arguments” by Roberto Fumagalli
  • “What Risks should be Permissible in Controlled Human Infection Model Studies?” by Ariella Binik
  • “Is Ugliness a Pathology? An Ethical Critique of the Therapeuticalization of Cosmetic Surgery” by Yves Saint James Aquino