A New Edition of The New Bioethics Is Now Available

June 24, 2021

The New Bioethics (vol. 26, no. 3, 2020) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “Systemic Modelling in Bioethics” by Henri-Corto Stoeklé 
  • “The Anatomy of Frank and Stein. An Ontological Exploration of Cyborg Identity, Culture, and Education” by Peter Strandbrink
  • “GnRHa (‘Puberty Blockers’) and Cross Sex Hormones for Children and Adolescents: Informed Consent, Personhood and Freedom of Expression” by David Pilgrim and Kirsty Entwistle
  • “The Briggsian Heresy? Should Previously Expressed Wishes Determine Best Interests in Decisions Relating to Withdrawal of Clinically-Assisted Nutrition and Hydration?” by James Hurford
  • “Moral Women, Immoral Technologies? Romanian Women’s Perceptions of Assisted Reproductive Technologies Versus Adoption” by Alexandra Maftei and Andrei Corneliu Holman