A New Edition of Medico-Legal Journal Is Now Available

July 14, 2021

Medico-Legal Journal (vol. 88, no. 1_Suppl, 2020) is available online by subscription only. 

Articles include:

  • “Dispute Between the Family of the very Seriously Ill Patient and the Doctors” by Alec Samuels
  • “Will Medically-Assisted Suicide mean the Rebirth of (Clinical) Ethics Committees in Italy?” by Carlo Petrini
  • “Covid-19 and Medical Negligence Litigation: Immunity for Healthcare Professionals?” by Kieran Duignan and Chloe Bradbury
  • “The Medico-Legal Implications in Medical Malpractice Claims during Covid-19 Pandemic: Increase or Trend Reversal?” by Clio Bilotta, et al.
  • “Dedicated Care Pathways in Italian Hospital Emergency Rooms for Women who are Victims of Violence and Abuse: Italian National Guidelines (DPCM 24.11.2017 – G.U. n. 24 issued 30.01.2018)” by Alessandra De Matteis, et al.
  • “Personal Protective Equipment and Personal Cooling Garments to reduce Heat-Related Stress and Injuries” by Nilesh K Tumram
  • “Is Lack of Integrity a useful Concept when Dealing with Health and Social Care Pre-Registration Student Fitness to Practise Cases?” by Timothy J David and Sarah Ellson